Getting familiar with the phases of B1 CEFR

For some purposes, your skills are required to get tested. It is such an effective way to prove that you are capable of doing those skills. In example, if you are in need of fulfillment for one of the required points to live in the UK, you probably should consider taking the typical test on English skills immediately. You should ensure that you are going to set a preparation for it if you really want to succeed in the mission. It does not cost so cheap so that it is a little bit disappointing that you cannot pass the test. You may begin looking up the information from some references such as


Thus, it is crucial for you to understand of the details regarding with the test although to understand it does not really lead you to feel confident of facing the test. In the other words, you need to study the materials of the test specifically. Thus, you can work on each of the questions effectively. You can do more practices as you think that are not confident enough yet. By this way, it is possible for you to predict your score as well before taking the official series.

In term of English skill tests such as B1 CEFR, basically you are about to get tested in a conversation with the examiners on some topics. Firstly, you have an occasion to get the conversation started with your prepared topic.

Afterwards, you are about to have a conversation whose topic is preferable to you but optional to the examiners. It is simply a topic which is related to your profile but the examiner is the one that is in charge of determining the topic and going on the conversation with it. It is the session which your English skill is tested in a spontaneous situation.

It’s Important to Know the Needs First When Choosing School Uniforms

Usually, every school will indeed apply different uniform rules. There are many types and models of uniforms that are adapted to the country and the needs of the school. So, the choice of school uniform must be done correctly. Because the wrong material will make the wearer feel uncomfortable.


Choosing the right uniform must be seen from the size of the body, the color required by the school and the material used in the uniform. In addition, another thing that is also important is the suitability of needs, although not included in the assessment of the quality of clothes. You also have to consider the needs of the clothes that you will buy. This includes compatibility, comfort when used. Good clothes may not necessarily suit your needs, because to see compatibility is a combination of several components related to color, size, motif, model, and form of use. Therefore, make sure that you understand and know for sure your own needs.

This Is The Importance Of Choosing The Right Door Lock For Your Home

When you want to secure your home well, one way is to use a door lock on a good and quality house. But, sometimes, you also can lost your key and make you so confuse. Then, you can use the service of Wellington locksmith to help you when your key lost.


However, the thing that you should also pay attention to is how to choose a door lock that is guaranteed quality in other words that have good quality. Maybe you have to pay a fair amount. But rest assured that good quality items will last so you don’t have to replace the new home door lock again. Do not be fooled by goods at low prices but the quality is not good. One of the characteristics of home door locks with good quality is the three guarantees given to the seller, namely quality product guarantees, after-sales guarantees or product guarantees. This will also make your home security more secure and you feel safe when leaving the house.

Follow This Tips to Find Proper Plumber

Many people have made the decision to  do things in their home themselves, which means that

they don’t hire a professional contractor, such as hire a plumber. To understand the

importance of the help of the plumbers, you can gather information about the benefits of

hiring plumbing service. Once you have the decision to involve plumber in any plumbing work,

we are glad to help to make your research easier and smoother.

– The first impression is important

When hiring the contractor or professional no matter what service you are looking for, surely

you want to feel comfortable with them, right? In these days, the plumbing contractors have so

many ways to attract and impress the potential buyers. Once you are interested in, you will

have no doubt to choose that profession. Find out what can make the good first impression and

be ready for the best quality of the service that you desire.

– Good communication is essential

No one wants to choose the professional who even can’t describe their business well. If you

think so, does it mean that you prefer the plumber that has good communication? Commonly, a

potential customer expects a quick response. It is important to reach someone who is clear and

prompt in helping you.

The simple ways of managing the stock of items in the storage

The benefits of a warehouse management include maintaining the quality and quantity of logistics and equipment, structuring logistics and equipment, improving distribution services, providing accurate, actual and accountable data and information, easy access to control and supervision, and disciplining administrative processes. Meanwhile, consider hiring a trusted self storage service near you, if you need a lot more spaces to store your items safely.

Management of goods in the warehouse if simplified is in the form of a place to receive, store and dispose of goods from a company. However, that does not mean that this can be easily done. There are some special tricks that you need to pay attention to so that the management of goods in this warehouse can be done easily as follows:

Storage Warehouse

When you want to manage and manage stock in a warehouse, make sure you have prepared a special place to store your stock. Even though your business is still quite small, you should have prepared a special place to stock up.

If it is not sufficient, you can use a storefront, warehouse shelves, and also use used items such as cardboard to store your merchandise inventory.

Preparing the Data as accurately as possible

The main points that you will definitely use and need in all matters related to management are of course as accurate as possible. When you want to start to manage the stock of goods in the warehouse, make sure you have assigned a special person who is responsible for carrying out all types of records, such as recording the incoming and outgoing stocks.

In terms of collecting data, someone who is responsible for recording, he can also be assisted with a support program so that the resulting records are more accurate. The purpose of this is done so that you know in advance the data from the previous period, then determine the marketing targets and sales forecast for the current period.

Some distributors or manufacturers even use pre-order systems and incoming order data as a basis for determining inventory numbers. In order to develop the incoming distributor business, you also have to discuss and consult more deeply with the marketing team when you want to determine your stock inventory figures.

Know Why You Want To Find Out New Job

Will you access anytime you have the desire to make the job seeking process simple and runs as well as you want? Well, keep in mind that moving your workplace too often (and labeled “ticks”) makes your resume look inconclusive . The following companies who want to employ us, certainly do not want to risk hiring someone who will change jobs in 1-2 years. Therefore, if we already become “jumps”, prepare a convincing explanation about the reasons we often change jobs if they ask.

If we leave the old job without an increase in salary and additional expertise, usually, our position in the new job will not be much different. The difference is, in a new company, we are at the back of the queue for the opportunity to be promoted. So, try to think carefully, do we need to stay longer and survive with our current work so that our dedication and hard work can get equal rewards. If we are still looking for opportunities for dream jobs (or better-paid jobs), we should first examine what our final goals are.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever felt teeth become sore when eating or drinking something cold? Be careful, it could be because you have sensitive tooth problems. This discomfort when chewing can be annoying because you have a hard time enjoying your favorite food and drinks. Sensitive teeth are actually not caused by certain types of food or drinks, but because there are problems with the teeth. If it happen to you, you can visit Toothbrushers Dental.

Generally, this sensitive tooth problem is caused by an enamel of worn teeth or an open tooth root. But there are other causes that can make the emergence of sensitive tooth problems. By knowing with certainty the cause of sensitive teeth, then you can more easily find ways to treat and overcome them. Some other causes of sensitive teeth are:

– Cavity.
– Destruction of the gingiva (gum disease), as a result of periodontitis (gum infection).
– Tartar stockpiling (excessive plaque generation).
– cracked or leaking teeth.
– New patch.
– Teeth whitening or other dental actions.

Are You Often Confused in Finding Items in Self Storage? Here are some tips to find it easily!

Monitoring goods are one of the activities that must be carried out by business people to run their business properly. Managing goods is not an easy job, even though it seems simple but if done it requires more time and energy, especially if there are many items in the storage area. Especially if you store it in self-storage. North Phoenix Self Storage is one of the self-storage services that help you manage goods that are not enough to be stored at home. Especially if you are in business, additional space for storing goods is needed.


But with a lot of stuff, don’t you get confused when sorting it out? To avoid you from confusion when sorting items in self-storage, we provide the following tips:

– Grouping of items that are easily lost
You must classify items that are easily lost, such as items that have a small size, because they are usually easily tucked away among other items. By grouping items according to these sizes, the risk of being lost can be minimized.

– Separate expensive items
To be easy in managing stocks, try to separate expensive and cheap items. So, if later there is a loss of expensive items can be more easily seen, because if you lose one will definitely affect your business income. For that, you must control these expensive items regularly.

– Separate goods and sell well
To facilitate the management of goods, try to sell goods that are separated from items that are not sold. Because salable goods will usually quickly run out of storage. In addition, by separating sold goods and not selling, you will find it easier to remove items when you sell.

– Control the items that have been sold
The last thing is to control the goods that have been sold by making a good record so as not to occur between the stock of goods in the warehouse different from those in the sales book record.

The Importance Of Keeping The Oral Health

You often ignore your oral health. One bad habit that is still often done is not brushing your teeth at night even though there are many germs and bacteria that stick to your teeth. If you are one who pays attention to your oral health, then you will have the reason to buy and use cordless water flosser .

You also pay more attention to the health of your other organs such as the health of the heart, liver, or other vital organs. There are several reasons that prove that you should pay more attention to your oral health from now on.

1. Treat Digestive Diseases
For those of you who are often attacked by digestive tract diseases, you should start paying attention to your oral health. There are several types of gastrointestinal diseases such as Chron’s Disease (CD), Ulcerative Colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. You can reduce the risk of developing the disease by changing the bacterial colonies in your mouth.

A recent health study in Japan as reported by Mims page, an increase in bacterial colonies in your mouth can cause inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract or also known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

2. Controlling Blood Pressure
A study presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) revealed that maintaining oral health by treating gum disease or periodontitis can help your body control blood pressure.

You can start maintaining your oral health by regularly brushing your teeth or using dental floss. In addition, you must also begin to pay attention to the intake of nutrients to form healthy teeth.

Lack of intake of vitamin A, K2, and vitamin E can interfere with your oral health. Vitamin A can produce saliva which can protect your mouth by killing bad bacteria. Vitamin K2 can meet the calcium needs of your teeth. While vitamin E can maintain the balance of bacteria in your mouth.

Adequate intake of nutrients can help your teeth continue to regenerate and prevent cavities. In addition, bacteria from the food that enters your mouth will not enter your body and then disrupt the body’s metabolic system.

Intensive dental care such as tooth extraction, cleaning the teeth to the roots, and giving antibiotics if needed can also maintain the health of your body.

For Men, These Two Tips You Should Look For When Choosing Watches

At present, watches are certainly very important for many people. Many of them wear watches on various occasions. The men also increasingly need watches for their daily lives. However, they must be able to get the right mens watch for themselves.

For you men, when you use your watch there are some things you need to pay attention to.

– Choose a watch with a classic design
The advantage of classic design watches is that they can be used at any time and at any opportunity. You will also look more mature and smart. Choose a classic design that is simple and fits your wrist.

– Choose black or brown
Color choices for men’s watches are basically limited. Unlike the girl’s watch that can be made with many color variants. Black and brown to be used by men are wise choices to fit in with any outfit.

Factors that Affect Value in Investment

Prices are often the primary consideration of consumers when buying a home. And, that’s not wrong because the price can indeed reflect the quality of a product. Just remember the expression “there is a price there is a way”. Developers love to mention locations as price determinants. But the statement was only half true. There are still many other factors that also affect house prices. House price is one of the few factors that determine for potential buyers in making decisions (to buy or not) against a home. But the price of the house itself is determined by several factors that make up a price. You can visit lombok real estate if you want to start investing.

Factors that determine the price of Property investment include:

– Land Price
The land is a medium for erecting a building, therefore inevitably the price of the land affect or even determine the selling price of a house. If the price of the land is expensive, the price of the house would be expensive. But if the price of land is cheap not necessarily the price of the house is cheap too.

– Price of Building Materials
Building materials include sand, iron, cement, bricks, wood, and others. Building materials as we know form a physical form of the house itself. Therefore the price of building materials or this material determines the selling price of the house. Even the price of building materials itself is composed of various factors. One of the main factors of price building material is the affordability factor of raw materials.

– Housing location
The location of a real estate is not trivial in determining the selling price of the house. In addition, we must understand that quite a lot of potential buyers who prioritize location than other factors. In other words, potential buyers tend to search for locations first to consider other factors.

– Other Reasons
The selling price of housing is also influenced by many other factors, such as project costs that can be divided into two fixed costs and variable costs. Fixed costs are costs that are not influenced by the amount of output or production volume. While the variable cost is the cost that is proportionally influenced by the amount of output.

Understanding of NLP

Is it important to think positively? Yes, this is important because, with positive thinking, you will be a person who has many advantages that are very useful in life. Positive thinking habits make your personality better. This will also make it easier to get along because people will like you. Another benefit of this habit is that you can enjoy a healthier life and feel an increase in energy and increased stamina. Then you need to change your mind from negative to positive thoughts, the technique of changing the mindset that you can do is NLP courses.

Currently, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) seems to be becoming a new field that is loved by various parties. Ranging from top executives, entrepreneurs, psychologists, doctors, sportsmen, lecturers, film stars and even politicians. Actually, what is NLP? Some sources say studying NLP is similar to studying the manual of the human brain, sometimes referred to as people skill technology, or also called the psychology of excellence. The point is to know how the brain works so that one can become its master, not become a slave. Whereas the NLP advocates themselves formulated NLP as The study of subjective experience.

– Neuro means the brain/mind, how we organize our mental life.
– Linguistic is language, how we use it to create meaning and its influence on our lives.
– Programming is the sequence of mental processes that affect behavior in achieving certain goals, and how to make modifications to the mental process.

NLP is a way to filter out the experiences or things we face in our daily lives through the Five Senses.

Basic assumptions of NLP in Forming a Person’s Viewing Pattern:

There is always good intentions of each behavior
People do the best that is limited to known sources
There is no rigid person, only a less flexible communicator
The meaning of communication is the response you get
A person with flexibility will be able to control himself
There is no failure, only the feedback is not right
Every experience has its own structure
Humans have two levels of communication: conscious and unconscious
Everyone has enough resources to change themselves towards more positive. These sources come from individual past experiences.
Body and mind influence each other
If something is possible for someone then it is also possible for others
I am responsible for my thoughts, therefore I am responsible for the results that I get.

Good Habits to Start Losing the Weight

“Sports every day! A strict diet with vegetables and fruit only! “Are you tired of hearing the advice from health experts? Ladies, there are other habits that you can practice to lose weight, you know. Check out the following Cosmo tips, especially when you think of Mamae Sarada, especially when you get ready for the best result of your new weight loss effort.

1. Increase your intake of water

Ladies, start every morning with 1-2 glasses of water before you move! Many studies have proven that your body’s metabolism can rise when you are diligent in drinking water, you know. In addition, adequate water intake can also resist your desire to snack. So, bring a water bottle in a bag so you can always drink water while traveling!

2. Pay attention to the texture of your food

Ever forget yourself and spend a pint of ice cream at home? We feel you. Ice cream is not only delicious but also has a soft and melted texture. Therefore, eating ice cream becomes easier! So, pay attention to your intake when eating dishes that are easily digested like mashed potatoes or ice cream. Because you don’t need to chew a lot, you will also tend to overeat. Say no to overeating.

3. Get enough sleep

According to the American Psychological Association, lack of sleep can increase stress levels, weaken the immune system, and increase body weight. How? When lack of sleep, the stress hormone cortisol will increase, and the way the body decreases cortisol is by consuming foods rich in fat and carbohydrates. Oh, no! Therefore, get 7 hours of sleep every night to keep the body fit.

4. Prepare a healthy breakfast the night before

Do you often skip breakfast because of a hurry? Well, this habit is not good – you will tend to fill your stomach with sober food, or choose unhealthy snacks like fried foods or instant noodles. To avoid this, set aside time at night to prepare delicious, nutritious breakfasts such as overnight oats. Problem solved!

Becoming The Best Cook Ever: Fast And Useful Advice

Cooking can either be simply a means of feeding yourself or it can be a fantastic and fun creative process that will provide you with fabulous meals! Read on to discover some great ideas on how to make cooking an easier and more pleasurable experience for you before your next meal!

If you have already cooked before for someone that you know and love, try to shake things up a bit and add some new spices to the recipes. Changing things up can keep things fresh and make your cooking very spontaneous. This will improve your ability and skills in the kitchen.

Leftover vegetable pieces shouldn’t go to waste. Broccoli tops, carrot pieces and onion peelings can be added to your vegetable, beef or chicken stock, to fill it with extra flavor. Don’t forget to add the stock to your favorite meals to enhance their flavor and appear as a great cook in front of your friends and family.

If you would like to bake a berry desert in the winter (when most berries are out of season), use frozen berries as a delicious and more eco-friendly alternative to fresh ones! Thaw your frozen berries for 45 minutes, drain the excess, then use as you normally would when making a berry pie or cobbler.

For fluffier pancakes, allow the batter to sit for about five minutes before you start pouring it into the pan. This will allow the flour to absorb more of the moisture in the mix, making for much lighter pancakes that will rise more when you cook them and give them that great restaurant flavor!

We all need to eat so we might as well make the process of preparing food something we love. Hopefully you have found some fresh ideas in this article on improving your life in the kitchen! It can be a great way to enjoy a major part of our lives so take what you have learned here and apply it to your next meal and bon appetit!

The History of Music Boxes Many People Didn’t Know

If you wonder to know more about music boxes, here is something for you. In 1796, a watchmaker from Geneva (Switzerland), Antoine Favre-Salomon created a pocket watch, with mechanical music features, for this reason why he was considered the first inventor of a mechanical music box. The Antoine Favre-Salomon invention consists of a small rotating cylinder made of a mixture of copper and zinc, with dots on the cylinder surface, which causes up and down movement of the fixed metal comb plate-palate to produce musical tones.

Six years later, Isaac Piguet used Favre’s invention and introduced the mechanics into jewelry, watches, cigarette boxes, wooden boxes, and precious metals.

In the 19th century, the place for music box making was mostly concentrated in Switzerland, Geneva. After 1811, other musical city-making sites were established in Jura Vaudois, in Auberson and Sainte Croix, this contributed to the preservation of the tradition of watchmaking, which suffered after the Napoleonic wars.

The first music box factory in Sainte Croix was founded in 1814 by Charles Reuge, specifically producing pocket watches with mechanical music features. Sainte Croix has now become an Industrial brand of mechanical music. Here all types of music boxes are still produced.

When entering the city, visitors will be greeted with a sign on a giant billboard ?? Welcome to the country of mechanical dreams. In the late 19th century, in the city of Switzerland, there were more than 600 workers and around 40 factories, which designed and made mechanical songs.

Currently, “Reuge” exports its products worldwide, with a turnover of 12 million Swiss francs, and holds a record, registered in the Guinness Book, for the smallest music box ever created.

At first, the music box can have four, six or eight songs. In 1862, the Paillard company (Charles Paillard and Nicole brothers, who started the music box-making industry) modified the mechanics, making it possible to replace cylinders, and increase the number of songs

Also in the 19th century, craftsmen in Leipzig (Germany) designed a music box disk (metal dish) with working principles such as replacing a cd player and the user had the possibility to choose a favorite song. This is the “ancestor” of a jukebox appearing later.

The common problems that make your car breaks down quickly

To deal with a damaged car, every car owner must know what type of problem often occurs in the car. By recognizing any damage, at least you know better how to handle it before finally being taken to the workshop. Apart from that, visit if you want to rent a car when yours can’t be driven for a while.

In addition, you also understand what components need to be replaced when carrying the car to the garage. So there is no such thing as a fraud case that is detrimental to one party due to irresponsible individuals.

What are the 3 common problems that make cars get broken fast?

1. The car engine is difficult to turn on when it’s cold

The car engine is difficult to turn on in the morning, certainly not something strange anymore. There are three things that cause it, namely:

When the engine is cold, the car is often difficult to turn on. This happens because of the lack of electricity or voltage to the battery. So that the engine does not work optimally.

The terminal condition of the battery is sagging, dirty, and rusty is also the reason why the car is difficult to turn on. Therefore, clean the battery and terminal periodically to prevent accumulation of dirt.

The gap between the spark plug and spark plug axis which causes low compression of the engine. It could also be because the fuel regulator is damaged, so there are no components that connect the car starter to the engine when the car is turned on.

2. The car engine is difficult to turn on when it’s hot

The cause of number two is the opposite of number one. Car engines will naturally heat up automatically if used continuously, let alone to travel long distances. The absence of usage breaks or rest periods is also the reason why the engine is hot. The most severe impact due to endless use, namely the car engine becomes overheating.

3. The machine often lives – dead is not clear

Has your car engine suddenly died when it was just turned on? This problem often occurs with car owners. This happens because some engine components have been damaged. For example, alternators, batteries, or terminal battery cables that are loose, damaged or broken.

Social Media and Off-Page SEO

The effect of social media on new york seo is an endless debate. Some people say influential, some say only Google+ is influential, the rest say it has absolutely no effect. So is it really important for social media marketing? Important.

Although it has nothing to do with SEO. Social media is one of the best ways to introduce your website to many people. As discussed earlier, besides having quality content you also have to show this content to others. Therefore social media is the right place for this. When other people see your content and are interested, they may come back to recommend you to others with shares, likes, and so on. This is why you must be active on social media to market your website.

Off-page SEO is a website popularity game. In determining the popularity of a website, Google uses various factors. We already know that backlinks are the main factor in off-page SEO. But not just any backlinks have a positive impact. The following are the determinants of ranking from outside the website.

1. Quality of backlinks
Quality backlinks provide a much stronger influence than those who are not qualified. Regarding placement, backlinks that have the best quality are placed in the text. The term is a contextual link. This is because Google reads what the text surrounds the link and decides in what context the link is installed. As a result, your website will get points for these keywords.

2. Anchor text in backlinks
Anchor text used in links is read by search engines as keywords. Your website gets extra points in the text that is used as an anchor. However, repeated use of the same anchor will not have a positive impact. You need to know if in 1 page there are 2 links to your website and both have different anchors, then Google uses the first anchor.

3. Number of backlinks
The more backlinks you get, the better. But not only that. Quantity must be in line with quality. If you only get backlinks from websites that have no reputation, this is not counted as a positive factor.

Why Buying Mobility Travel Scooter

Are you planning to buy mobility travel scooter? This product looks like fun to ride around and you will have to kick your grandchildren off more than once . However, this is not the main reasons for making a purchase, right? The following are the reasons why you should choose such that wise investment.


Do you need to have the scooter to get around with minor fall? Unfortunately, even the minor fall can mean permanent injury. When using the mobility scooter, you can reduce the injury risk.


A chance of scenery does everyone the good now and again. With so many things to see in the world, you may consider having something to rely on. That’s why you buy mobility travel scooter.

Keep doing the activities you love

As we all know, patients with the mobility issues aren’t able to do something they enjoy. Fortunately, now you can reverse the situation but make sure you’ll choo e the right scooter.

Here Are Some Risks Of Plastic Surgery You Must Know

Usually, before doing plastic surgery, you will be informed about what risks will be obtained. For this reason, all plastic surgeons will not carry out these actions to careless people because it could have a dangerous impact on the person. So, you also need to know about Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Information so you can understand everything about plastic surgery.

In addition, there will usually be some risks after performing plastic surgery, such as

1. Pain arises
Plastic surgery will cause a painful effect. Good plastic surgery on the face and body. One of the most painful types of plastic surgery on the abdomen or commonly called abdominoplasty.

2. Leave a scar
Carrying out the operation is clearly a surgery. After that, it will also be sewn back. Now that’s where stitch marks appear that leave wounds. Although treatments are carried out to remove scars, it will certainly not be 100% loss.

Fast Diet or Healthy Diet?

If you want to diet, 1 kilogram per week is the healthy weight that is recommended to be reduced. Sudden changes in diet to lose weight quickly risk you experiencing health problems. This unhealthy effort also does not allow a sustainable lifestyle change that aims to maintain the stability of the ideal body weight in the long run.

Half to one kilogram per week is the recommended amount of weight loss. Half a kilogram of fat contains about 3,500 calories. So to reduce half a kilogram per week, you need to burn at least 3,500 calories per week or 500 calories per day. Fast weight loss tends not to last long. In addition, people who lose weight quickly will be at risk of experiencing several health problems. To get a balanced diet, you can visit

After choosing the right food, the next healthy way is to regulate the portion of the food. You have to eat according to calorie needs per day. Of course, this cannot arbitrarily calculate it. If you have trouble, you can consult this with a nutritionist. However, for those of you who have weight, you will usually be allowed to eat 1500 calories.