Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Have you ever felt teeth become sore when eating or drinking something cold? Be careful, it could be because you have sensitive tooth problems. This discomfort when chewing can be annoying because you have a hard time enjoying your favorite food and drinks. Sensitive teeth are actually not caused by certain types of food or drinks, but because there are problems with the teeth. If it happen to you, you can visit Toothbrushers Dental.

Generally, this sensitive tooth problem is caused by an enamel of worn teeth or an open tooth root. But there are other causes that can make the emergence of sensitive tooth problems. By knowing with certainty the cause of sensitive teeth, then you can more easily find ways to treat and overcome them. Some other causes of sensitive teeth are:

– Cavity.
– Destruction of the gingiva (gum disease), as a result of periodontitis (gum infection).
– Tartar stockpiling (excessive plaque generation).
– cracked or leaking teeth.
– New patch.
– Teeth whitening or other dental actions.