Healthy Vegan for Living


Nowadays we find there are so many various kinds of foods that people create at the market. Every single day you can see people consume so many calories from cheap street foods. Sometimes people only buy cheap foods because they need to save up their money for another need. Therefore they don’t really care about vegan or consuming a lot of vegetables. We are now coming with a new concept of Vegan Brunch NYC because we have big concern for modern people.

We realize that people can’t eat too much fast foods or junk foods because those kinds of foods will kill them quickly. We must know information about the chronic disease such as cancer and so many people are afraid of that chronic disease. Although people understand about the dangerous of cancer however they are still eating those junk foods. There are so many reason that they have to argue the health concept of being a vegan.

They claim that a vegan doesn’t have so much energy because they don’t eat red meats and that is not going to help them for working all day. The other reason is because the vegetables are not free from pesticide therefore many people worry about the chemical substances from the vegetables. Thus, people are thinking if red meats are still good for daily foods. They refuse to be vegans because they can’t eat only vegetables and it tastes weird on their tongues.

They need to adapt their sense of taste and as we all know it will be so difficult for certain people to change their sense of taste because since they were born their parents had given so many various kinds of flavors to their tongues such as sweet, sour, bitter and salty. So when they grow up their tongues will not give tolerant to foods without specific flavor as their tongues recognize for so many years.