Some Soapstone Types That Can Be Used as Options For Countertops in Your Home


Soapstone countertops are now an alternative use of natural stone on countertops. In addition to its heat-resistant advantages, soapstone has a very smooth surface with a very attractive color depth. In addition, soapstone is easy to clean when exposed to food stains or easily removed when getting light scratches. That is the reason why people choose soapstone countertops when doing a kitchen overhaul. The elegant impression can still be obtained by using soapstone, so the prestige will not be inferior to granite countertops.

In fact, soapstone has various types that can be enjoyed by many people, depending on their individual tastes. Here are some types of soapstone that can be used as your kitchen countertops:

– Soapstone from Finland
Its name is Green Soapstone. The dark green is very charming. The composition is denser than the soapstones found in Brazil, so it is sometimes cut into large slabs. Green Soapstone is suitable for those of you who want natural and natural nuances.

– Iceflower comes from Brazil
It has been mentioned that Green Soapstone is denser than natural stones found in Brazil, namely Iceflower. Iceflower has a dark gray color with thin white veins. White crystal spots on the surface are an attraction for Iceflower, looking as if it was snowing on the surface of a rock.

– Vermont Soapstone
Vermont Soapstone has a form of dark gray stone with thin veins that can become very green when coated with oil. This stone also comes from Brazil, which means it is not very dense like Green Soapstone. Vermont Soapstone is the first consideration when someone wants to use soapstone countertops. Maybe because the color is neutral so it doesn’t need to adjust to other furniture.

– Silver Soapstone
As the name suggests, namely silver, it has a very bright gray color. This stone comes from Brazil. Silver soapstone has white veins which are sometimes like a marshmallow vortex moving through the inner stone. This stone is very light and has a neutral color so that enough is chosen to decorate the kitchen or countertops in another room.