The common problems that make your car breaks down quickly

To deal with a damaged car, every car owner must know what type of problem often occurs in the car. By recognizing any damage, at least you know better how to handle it before finally being taken to the workshop. Apart from that, visit if you want to rent a car when yours can’t be driven for a while.

In addition, you also understand what components need to be replaced when carrying the car to the garage. So there is no such thing as a fraud case that is detrimental to one party due to irresponsible individuals.

What are the 3 common problems that make cars get broken fast?

1. The car engine is difficult to turn on when it’s cold

The car engine is difficult to turn on in the morning, certainly not something strange anymore. There are three things that cause it, namely:

When the engine is cold, the car is often difficult to turn on. This happens because of the lack of electricity or voltage to the battery. So that the engine does not work optimally.

The terminal condition of the battery is sagging, dirty, and rusty is also the reason why the car is difficult to turn on. Therefore, clean the battery and terminal periodically to prevent accumulation of dirt.

The gap between the spark plug and spark plug axis which causes low compression of the engine. It could also be because the fuel regulator is damaged, so there are no components that connect the car starter to the engine when the car is turned on.

2. The car engine is difficult to turn on when it’s hot

The cause of number two is the opposite of number one. Car engines will naturally heat up automatically if used continuously, let alone to travel long distances. The absence of usage breaks or rest periods is also the reason why the engine is hot. The most severe impact due to endless use, namely the car engine becomes overheating.

3. The machine often lives – dead is not clear

Has your car engine suddenly died when it was just turned on? This problem often occurs with car owners. This happens because some engine components have been damaged. For example, alternators, batteries, or terminal battery cables that are loose, damaged or broken.