Tips for making your house safe for the little one


To prevent things that are not desirable, especially if you have a baby or small child in the house, security measures and barriers must be applied in each of your homes. What should you change? Meanwhile, visit to find a reliable cabinet lock.

Install smoke detectors in various of your homes, there is one at each level and outside the bedroom. Check once a month to make sure the detector is working properly. Even better if you use a detector as soon as possible with a long-lasting battery. If not, replace the battery every year on the date you will remember. Prepare an emergency plan and practice you will be ready if an emergency occurs.

If there is an unused power outlet, cover it with a special place, and place another power outlet in a harmless position. You cannot stick a finger or toy into a hole. If you don’t want to be far from a power outlet, block access with a heavy shop. Keep the power cord away from the child’s reach and vision.

Cover children with a carpet to allow the child to slip. Make sure the carpet is really up to the stairs. When you start learning to crawl and walk, attach the barrier at the top and bottom of the stairs to convince the children. The accordion shape limiter because it can hurt the round or neck.

Ornamental plants can be dangerous. You should not put your plants on display for a while, or put all houseplants out of reach of children.

Check the floor regularly so you can pick up small items such as coins, buttons, beads, pins, and screws. This is very important to do at home or your older child has the habit of carrying small objects.

If you have a wooden floor, don’t let your child run using socks. Socks make the floor more dangerous.

The National Consumer Protection Agency (LPKN) uses glass for all homes that have children. If there is one, you can use a cable, or the cable used around gelatin, not sticking out. Use the device on the wire. The tangled wire must be cut so that the child does not suffocate if the cord is left in money.