Getting familiar with the phases of B1 CEFR

For some purposes, your skills are required to get tested. It is such an effective way to prove that you are capable of doing those skills. In example, if you are in need of fulfillment for one of the required points to live in the UK, you probably should consider taking the typical test on English skills immediately. You should ensure that you are going to set a preparation for it if you really want to succeed in the mission. It does not cost so cheap so that it is a little bit disappointing that you cannot pass the test. You may begin looking up the information from some references such as


Thus, it is crucial for you to understand of the details regarding with the test although to understand it does not really lead you to feel confident of facing the test. In the other words, you need to study the materials of the test specifically. Thus, you can work on each of the questions effectively. You can do more practices as you think that are not confident enough yet. By this way, it is possible for you to predict your score as well before taking the official series.

In term of English skill tests such as B1 CEFR, basically you are about to get tested in a conversation with the examiners on some topics. Firstly, you have an occasion to get the conversation started with your prepared topic.

Afterwards, you are about to have a conversation whose topic is preferable to you but optional to the examiners. It is simply a topic which is related to your profile but the examiner is the one that is in charge of determining the topic and going on the conversation with it. It is the session which your English skill is tested in a spontaneous situation.