Good Habits to Start Losing the Weight

“Sports every day! A strict diet with vegetables and fruit only! “Are you tired of hearing the advice from health experts? Ladies, there are other habits that you can practice to lose weight, you know. Check out the following Cosmo tips, especially when you think of Mamae Sarada, especially when you get ready for the best result of your new weight loss effort.

1. Increase your intake of water

Ladies, start every morning with 1-2 glasses of water before you move! Many studies have proven that your body’s metabolism can rise when you are diligent in drinking water, you know. In addition, adequate water intake can also resist your desire to snack. So, bring a water bottle in a bag so you can always drink water while traveling!

2. Pay attention to the texture of your food

Ever forget yourself and spend a pint of ice cream at home? We feel you. Ice cream is not only delicious but also has a soft and melted texture. Therefore, eating ice cream becomes easier! So, pay attention to your intake when eating dishes that are easily digested like mashed potatoes or ice cream. Because you don’t need to chew a lot, you will also tend to overeat. Say no to overeating.

3. Get enough sleep

According to the American Psychological Association, lack of sleep can increase stress levels, weaken the immune system, and increase body weight. How? When lack of sleep, the stress hormone cortisol will increase, and the way the body decreases cortisol is by consuming foods rich in fat and carbohydrates. Oh, no! Therefore, get 7 hours of sleep every night to keep the body fit.

4. Prepare a healthy breakfast the night before

Do you often skip breakfast because of a hurry? Well, this habit is not good – you will tend to fill your stomach with sober food, or choose unhealthy snacks like fried foods or instant noodles. To avoid this, set aside time at night to prepare delicious, nutritious breakfasts such as overnight oats. Problem solved!