Understanding of NLP

Is it important to think positively? Yes, this is important because, with positive thinking, you will be a person who has many advantages that are very useful in life. Positive thinking habits make your personality better. This will also make it easier to get along because people will like you. Another benefit of this habit is that you can enjoy a healthier life and feel an increase in energy and increased stamina. Then you need to change your mind from negative to positive thoughts, the technique of changing the mindset that you can do is NLP courses.

Currently, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) seems to be becoming a new field that is loved by various parties. Ranging from top executives, entrepreneurs, psychologists, doctors, sportsmen, lecturers, film stars and even politicians. Actually, what is NLP? Some sources say studying NLP is similar to studying the manual of the human brain, sometimes referred to as people skill technology, or also called the psychology of excellence. The point is to know how the brain works so that one can become its master, not become a slave. Whereas the NLP advocates themselves formulated NLP as The study of subjective experience.

– Neuro means the brain/mind, how we organize our mental life.
– Linguistic is language, how we use it to create meaning and its influence on our lives.
– Programming is the sequence of mental processes that affect behavior in achieving certain goals, and how to make modifications to the mental process.

NLP is a way to filter out the experiences or things we face in our daily lives through the Five Senses.

Basic assumptions of NLP in Forming a Person’s Viewing Pattern:

There is always good intentions of each behavior
People do the best that is limited to known sources
There is no rigid person, only a less flexible communicator
The meaning of communication is the response you get
A person with flexibility will be able to control himself
There is no failure, only the feedback is not right
Every experience has its own structure
Humans have two levels of communication: conscious and unconscious
Everyone has enough resources to change themselves towards more positive. These sources come from individual past experiences.
Body and mind influence each other
If something is possible for someone then it is also possible for others
I am responsible for my thoughts, therefore I am responsible for the results that I get.