Social Media and Off-Page SEO

The effect of social media on new york seo is an endless debate. Some people say influential, some say only Google+ is influential, the rest say it has absolutely no effect. So is it really important for social media marketing? Important.

Although it has nothing to do with SEO. Social media is one of the best ways to introduce your website to many people. As discussed earlier, besides having quality content you also have to show this content to others. Therefore social media is the right place for this. When other people see your content and are interested, they may come back to recommend you to others with shares, likes, and so on. This is why you must be active on social media to market your website.

Off-page SEO is a website popularity game. In determining the popularity of a website, Google uses various factors. We already know that backlinks are the main factor in off-page SEO. But not just any backlinks have a positive impact. The following are the determinants of ranking from outside the website.

1. Quality of backlinks
Quality backlinks provide a much stronger influence than those who are not qualified. Regarding placement, backlinks that have the best quality are placed in the text. The term is a contextual link. This is because Google reads what the text surrounds the link and decides in what context the link is installed. As a result, your website will get points for these keywords.

2. Anchor text in backlinks
Anchor text used in links is read by search engines as keywords. Your website gets extra points in the text that is used as an anchor. However, repeated use of the same anchor will not have a positive impact. You need to know if in 1 page there are 2 links to your website and both have different anchors, then Google uses the first anchor.

3. Number of backlinks
The more backlinks you get, the better. But not only that. Quantity must be in line with quality. If you only get backlinks from websites that have no reputation, this is not counted as a positive factor.