The Importance Of Keeping The Oral Health

You often ignore your oral health. One bad habit that is still often done is not brushing your teeth at night even though there are many germs and bacteria that stick to your teeth. If you are one who pays attention to your oral health, then you will have the reason to buy and use cordless water flosser .

You also pay more attention to the health of your other organs such as the health of the heart, liver, or other vital organs. There are several reasons that prove that you should pay more attention to your oral health from now on.

1. Treat Digestive Diseases
For those of you who are often attacked by digestive tract diseases, you should start paying attention to your oral health. There are several types of gastrointestinal diseases such as Chron’s Disease (CD), Ulcerative Colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. You can reduce the risk of developing the disease by changing the bacterial colonies in your mouth.

A recent health study in Japan as reported by Mims page, an increase in bacterial colonies in your mouth can cause inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract or also known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD).

2. Controlling Blood Pressure
A study presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) revealed that maintaining oral health by treating gum disease or periodontitis can help your body control blood pressure.

You can start maintaining your oral health by regularly brushing your teeth or using dental floss. In addition, you must also begin to pay attention to the intake of nutrients to form healthy teeth.

Lack of intake of vitamin A, K2, and vitamin E can interfere with your oral health. Vitamin A can produce saliva which can protect your mouth by killing bad bacteria. Vitamin K2 can meet the calcium needs of your teeth. While vitamin E can maintain the balance of bacteria in your mouth.

Adequate intake of nutrients can help your teeth continue to regenerate and prevent cavities. In addition, bacteria from the food that enters your mouth will not enter your body and then disrupt the body’s metabolic system.

Intensive dental care such as tooth extraction, cleaning the teeth to the roots, and giving antibiotics if needed can also maintain the health of your body.